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Mr. E3 years ago
You certainly have a diverse set of instructables, nice work . Your workshop and portable case are so neat, you must be a saint. I'm ... you know the expression knee deep? ... in more than a few rooms. I guess because I'm too busy burning and blowing up things with my recycled tesla coil while drinking nice tasting bubbly champagne, being the super villain bent on world domination that I am. (You noticed my super villain mask, right?)
Marbie251 year ago

Thanks for the follow!

nice and useful especially vaccum cleaner

DanW19757 years ago
did you fall for it? lol
omnibot (author)  DanW19757 years ago
Your icon? Nope .. I'm to old in this game. My favourite I used to do was an anim that showed a mousepointer and a bugging start-menu and a few other things between an image.
omnibot (author) 7 years ago
Hi, you look just like me!
omnibot (author)  omnibot7 years ago
Wow! So do you .. and we have the same name, what a coincidence.
geek27 omnibot7 years ago
Wow, this is truly strange, I look EXACTLY like you as well... wierd.
omnibot (author)  geek277 years ago
This is seriously starting to freak me out.