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Nov. 12, 2015
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  • The Handiest Contraption You'll Ever Take Camping

    Nice. I like simple, life-improvement gizmos. Speaking of that, I first thought that your article's title applied to the gizmo sticking out of the back of your vehicle, with the blue "sink"?. What is that unit?

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  • onesimpleidea commented on PaleoPunk's instructable Gypsy Wagon Building3 months ago
    Gypsy Wagon Building

    PaleoPunk: Very nice camper trailer and work(wo)manship. Learned some things. I have several questions in case you have time:1. Legs: Did the balancing / stabilizing legs under the trailer come on the trailer originally or were they aftermarket?2. Roof Shape: Customary design aside, were you tempted to square off the very top of the roof to allow a flat spot for cargo or solar panels?3. Braces: You chose wood for the exterior braces under the ledges. Seems a natural place to have used steel. Reasons?4. Plywood Joints: How did you create the bead and cove edges on the plywood, especially when only 1/4" thick? Maybe it was ordered that way?5. Load Capacity: When you bought the trailer originally, what was its load capacity per the manufacturer (might have been on a plate or sticker)?Thanks.

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  • onesimpleidea commented on pojken's instructable Compact Windproof Beach Tent3 months ago
    Compact Windproof Beach Tent

    "Definitely not for crowded beaches. :)"Find a better beach tent or find a better beach where people aren't stacked like firewood? Hmmm. A tough one! ;-)

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