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Prizyms2 years ago
RIP K'nex Innovation :(
crestind Prizyms7 months ago

As far as I could tell traffic was way down lol. Seems there were still a few diehard visitors lol?

Don't worry, data and everything is still on my hard drive. Just need to find time to set it up again, and with IPB instead.

Hey bro,

I believe I was told that you were one of the people who started KI, why is that site always down (meaning: Why does that site never work)?
Mepain and crestind started it. I don't know why it's always down.
Ah, I see. No problem, I'll just go and complain to him. XD
Mace!1 year ago
Do you think you could post more pictures of the mods of your TR8-2013?
oodalumps (author)  Mace!1 year ago
I moved the fore grip up one spot, and I put a white rod into the ratchet piece. That's all I changed.
Thanks, I'll have to try the ratchet mod. But you also added the wheel to the front, used a different bolt for the firing pin, and added a cheek rest right?
oodalumps (author)  Mace!1 year ago
I forgot about that. The wheel shouldn't be too hard to figure out. I use the same bolt but I just wrapped tape around it.
Hi I know it's old now but I love the not a rectangle I just built it and I only had 4 bands but as I was loading it I shot my brother and he bled so I had to dismantle it and am banned from knex gun building :( but it is AMAZING my favourite gun for sure
So you're the guy who made the oodammo ammo?
oodalumps (author)  Blackonyx22344 years ago
lies, bunduk did years before you
oodalumps (author)  Polarize3 years ago
If you're going to be picky, I started using it back in November of 2006 in my attempt to make a rifle (earliest version of the rectangle) better than killerk's pistol. But just like bunduk, I didn't know that the ammo was special. Using something by accident doesn't get you credit for inventing it.