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July 5, 2016
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  • orish commented on Phil B's instructable Learning to Weld3 months ago
    Learning to Weld

    Hi, great post - thank you. I've just bought a stick welder and am trying to learn a bit about what to do before I switch it on! One silly question I've got is about inserting the stick and taking it out again. I assume you have to switch the machine off while doing this, right? It seems obvious, but it's hard to tell from some of the videos I've watched. If you touch the stick (with gloves of course) while the machine is on, is there a risk of electric shock?Another unrelated question: my machine has a hotstart button, which lasts for about 1 second before switching back to regular "current" mode. I haven't figured out what this is for and how to use it. As it's only 1 second, do you press the button and then immediately start the arc? It means having the welder immediately within reach while using it, which doesn't seem feasible... ?Thanks

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