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July 14, 2011
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    Diy Simple Soda Bottle Mousetrap

    Making a trap for cockroaches is very simple if you can obtain some "diatomaceous earth" or some other kind of fine powdery substance. Once an insect gets the powder on its feet it is no longer able to climb smooth surfaces that are on the inside of many kinds of containers such as steel pots, plastic jars, paint spray can tops, etc... I discovered this method by total accident. I was staying at a friend's place who was having an incredible problem with german cockroaches. Literally hundreds could be seen around his kitchen at night. Well, I bought a bag of diatomaceous earth from a local hardware store and sprinkled some around his kitchen for its killing effect (it kills insects by causing the water-retaining surface of their skins to wear away, causing them to die of dehydration). I noticed with much fascination and puzzlement that a frying pan was accumulating massive numbers of dead roaches. It became apparent that all the roaches that climbed onto and down into the pan were no longer able to climb out after getting the powder on their feet. Other powdery substances work just as well apparently. I noticed that champagne glasses on top of one of his cabinets were accumlating dead roaches too. The dust that had accumulated inside the glasses were having the same effect on their ability to climb out.

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