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JonnyBGood1 year ago
Hey man,

I know this is late (I'm a bad procrastinator) anyway I always believe in better late than never. The UKPv3 was awesome hope to see v4 sometime!
osi (author)  JonnyBGood1 year ago
Ha thanks man, means a lot to have a positive response! I'll probably work on it a bit over the next few summers... There will always be a way to improve the design.
Thanks for the tasty sub =D
osi (author)  beanieostrich3 years ago
Thank you for yours also.
I made your UKP and the handle was uncomfy with blue rods sticking into my hands. But it was cool.
osi (author)  beanieostrich3 years ago
Thats what the side cover thing was for? are you a lefty?
Im a righty =D
osi (author)  beanieostrich3 years ago
Oh... don't know what to tell you? maybe your hand isn't as big as mine... but my hands really aren't that big so... Like I said before I'll work on it over summer...
My hands are fairly large I think. New Oodammo pistol going on in about 10 mins =D
osi (author)  beanieostrich3 years ago
Sweet... and out of curiosity, what timezone are you in? you respond really quickly on everthing... lol
Eastern USA
osi (author)  beanieostrich3 years ago
lol same here... northern or southern?
Northern, around the bottom of PA.
osi (author)  beanieostrich3 years ago
Central/Upstate New York.
You don't live too far from Blue Mullet either.