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April 23, 2016
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    Raspberry Mead

    Hey Im considering making this recipe as my first mead recipe. Im going big with the 5 gallon recipe, due to the fact that i only have 5 gallon carboys. I have been brewing beer for a number of years now and want to try my hand at mead. My questions are: 1. Im racking after 5 days or until the rasberries lose there coloring, correct? From the secondary rack, How long do i wait to rerack and bottle? I am assuming after all bubbling has ceased? 2. I want to make this now (01 May) and not drink it till around thanksgiving or christmas. I understand that meads taste particularly better when they age. Is this a good ammount of time to let sit and if so can i refrigerate while i wait? Sorry for all the questions, but i want to do this right and not be completely pissed off at my first batch, thus never wanting me to try my hand at mead again. Any help you can throw my way will be greatly appreciated.Thanks,John

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