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  • Touch Screen coffee table DIY with 32" TV and low cost CCD sensor

    You might be able to do something with a laser and a rotating mirror. The laser spot would be projected as a red dot on the edge which would have to be a kind of frosted glass or plastic. The timing would be done relative to first and last illumination of sensors positioned so they couldn't be occluded.You could do a two dimensional version with laser shining onto the W and N sides and sensors on the E and S sides.Of course this system would be better with the laser bean not hitting the sides at too oblique an angle which would require the rotating mirrors to be well away from the side of the screen. Alternatively the laser could pass under the volume interceptable by fingers, a bit like this!

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  • paddywwoof commented on jeanotP1314's instructable BeYourHero! DIY VR Immersive Games3 weeks ago
    BeYourHero! DIY VR Immersive Games

    Jeanot, I may not be entirely objective (as I say on the Raspberry Pi forum) but I truly think this is an exceptional project and write-up.

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