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  • pagan420 commented on jdgreen's instructable Birch Bark Resin: Bug Repellent1 year ago
    Birch Bark Resin: Bug Repellent

    I will try this I live in northern Michigan God's country my great grandmother and father were 100% Choctaw part of the great Cherokee nation Oklahoma land grant my grandmother married a Ramsay from Toronto so I am French Cherokee my great great grandmother walked the trail of tears she was put on a reservation called Cooweeskoowee promised cattle butter for her rations 6lbs,of butter a year they left 12cows with a few steers mixed in for her and 88others to share they never got what was promised I traced her back to lot # land parcel to 1889 Saphronia Barrett daughter Bessie Barrett I'm trying to get recognised as a native American. I try to live with the land and animals

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