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  • Portable Micro Smoke / Fog Machine From Vape

    Hi,Good idea but as a vaper might I make a suggerstion? Buy some vegetable glycerin - a liter would be only a few dollars, add some food flavouring of your choice (peppermint, vanilla, lemon - whatever you have) thin it with ten to twenty percent water and hey presto! you have some very cheap vape juice that will last for quite a while. I have some other ideas to make this cheaper as well... let me know if you're interested...Pamberdog.

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  • pamberdog commented on depotdevoid's instructable How to Make a USB Hub Cable Organizer8 months ago
    How to Make a USB Hub Cable Organizer

    Like this, nice idea.. Just a thought, If you were to cut simple slots in the hinge side of the box lid you trail the cables through those and when not in use they would be invisible to the casual observer and it would look like an ordinary attractive presentation box??!!

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