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    A Guide for buying  LED's on E Bay

    I too want to use energy saving bulbs. So, I bought some corn bulbs (110 volt screw base) I bough 36 led ones, and 56 led ones. the 56 led were very bright but I have gone through 3 already and am leery of using more. I am guessing that something in the electronics is burning out or shorting to the point that the leds will only burn dim or only a couple light in the bulb. not being an electronic educated person, but curious I looked inside of the ones that failed and t0 see only a couple of electronic pieces, so my thought is that the electronic pieces are not big enough to st5and up to the load they are subjected to.I also purchased strip lights to replace the Christmas tree style lights on our back deck to add more light, with a transformer to drive them. They have been great and give a lot of light. This is actuly a reply to your second guide on Instructables.

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