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patriots8888 (author) 4 years ago
PM this: cheese
happyjo4 years ago
Hey!! I saw your Nyan Cat speed sketch, but it wouldn't let me comment on it. I really really liked it!!!! Nyan Cat is pretty super by its self, but I love your sketch.
patriots8888 (author)  happyjo4 years ago
thanks :)
Of course! I re-subscribed to you too!! How have you been?
patriots8888 (author)  happyjo4 years ago
Thanks! Pretty good…School sucks…but other than that…. u?
Aww, why does school suck? I'm doing fine, just finished up the volleyball season, had the greatest time ever! :)
patriots8888 (author)  happyjo4 years ago
Yahoo I'm getting good grades and all but I hate waking up at 5:30 >_<
I finished my basketball season tooo
Ewwwww, 5:30?! I can hardly stand 7:00. XD
I'm going to be starting track soon too!!! ^-^
black hole4 years ago
Here's my funny PhotoBooth pic.
Photo on 2011-12-05 at 13.11 #2.jpg
patriots8888 (author)  black hole4 years ago
Oh, sorry. Wrong place.
patriots8888 (author)  black hole4 years ago
cool pic though
H1T4TCH14 years ago
Thanks for the sub!
Sorunome4 years ago
Thanks for subscribing! What made you to?
patriots8888 (author)  Sorunome4 years ago
I always love awesome knex builds :P