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  • patsfanpete commented on kelleymarie's instructable Longterm Avocado Storage2 years ago
    Longterm Avocado Storage

    Best hack I ever came across with avacado flesh, be it halved or diced or mashed is submerge it in a container using fresh water to drive out all pockets of air. Say you've made guac and want to store it for a few days (I have had this work for up to a week). Make your guac in a container that is almost full with your made product, then drizzle in water till there is about 1/4" water covering what's in the container. Then cover with cling wrap, then with whatever container cover you're storing the gauc in (optional). When ready to eat, gently poor off water, whisk up gauc with a fork, and enjoy! You can do this with a large batch for about a week.

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