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  • paulbuzz commented on solarmax's instructable Waterproof a LM35 Temperature Sensor1 year ago
    Waterproof a LM35 Temperature Sensor

    What I actually did was remove the wires from inside the outer insulation, soldered them to the legs of the LM35 heatshrinking then carefully feeding the three back into the outer insulation.The LM35 just visible.Then I applied the heatshrink over the LM35 and cable and as I said, squashing the heatshrink with pliers whilst it was still hot.I no longer have an aquarium but I understand the importance of not having metals inside the tank, especially sea water.This way surely avoids this most especially copper being a big no no, most especially where invertebrates are present.

    I see, I got the impression some had thought about using this for an aquarium.Your build, then, actually inspired me to add this for those interested in monitoring their aquarium. :)

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  • paulbuzz commented on MORENA DIY's instructable 5 Pringles Tricks | Simple Life Hacks1 year ago
    5 Pringles Tricks | Simple Life Hacks

    I use the tube to make great candle moulds.

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