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  • pauldancy commented on Instructa-Nathan's instructable No Nonsense Survival Kit1 year ago
    No Nonsense Survival Kit

    I've had an Altoid box like this for years with many of the same items, and the inside lid was shiny for signaling. One important item that is invaluable: a credit card, a $50 bill or a gold case you find a store or people who can help, but may need motivation to do so. A couple Aleve would help, too. Also, the inside spool of dental floss is tiny, but can be used for sutures, lashing or making a snare. Strong floss cannot be ripped with bare hands. A tiny, tiny compass is very important, and finally I wrap 3' of electrical tape around the seal of the box to make it waterproof. The electrical tape was once used to repair a ruptured coolant hose in the middle of nowhere. You can do 100 things with 3' of electrical tape. This is for the SHTF moments. pbd

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  • How to Make a Mug out of Scrap Hard Wood Flooring

    You have to burn some Celtic knots on the front or all around! Nice job; I always wondered what the degree cut was for multiple sides of a bucket or mug. pbd

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