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  • paulstin commented on DevCoder's instructable How to build a Tesla Coil2 years ago
    How to build a Tesla Coil

    @alarika - try ebaySeems a like an older post and not sure if the original poster is around, but a few questions.1) It looks like you are using the metal tray as one side of the capacitors, so you need to ensure the aluminum foil around the bottles is in contact with the tray, correct?2) Finding NSTs but at 6kV to 7kV. Anything to adjust in the instructions or is it just that the spark is less?3) So, how did you ground the secondary if you can't use your mains ground? Did you stick a wire into the literal ground (which certainly could work)?4) What is that item on the top of the secondary? Just curious, but I assume it is just placed on top of the PVC with no connection to the coil, or did you attach the enameled wire to that metal 'dome'?

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