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Nov. 24, 2013
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  • pdavis19 commented on leomiranda's instructable Variable Bench Power Supply3 months ago
    Variable Bench Power Supply

    Current depends on voltage & load: I = V/R. So if your voltage is 12V and your load is 1K ohms, then your current is 12 milliamps.So you adjust the current by adjusting either the load or the voltage.

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  • pdavis19 commented on MadScienceHacks's instructable $2 vacuum sealer Life hack3 months ago
    $2 vacuum sealer Life hack

    We do a low-tech version of this, which is you stick the food in a ziploc baggie, stick a straw in and seal the bag all but the straw to one side. Then, with the straw in your mouth, suck really hard, start sealing the bag and pulling the straw out as you continue to suck. It's not as complete a vacuum as one of the commercial machines, but it's pretty good and seems to do a really good job protecting against freezer burn.

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