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  • pennakate commented on melmaria's instructable DIY Faux Yarn Balls1 week ago
    DIY Faux Yarn Balls

    This looks like a fun project! I'm guessing ping pong balls would work as well. I think your garland and Christmas ornament ideas are great. Nice job on the Instructable!

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  • pennakate commented on 2Witches's instructable HotGlue/Aluminum Art 1 week ago
    HotGlue/Aluminum Art

    Good info about varying thicknesses. It would be good to try different mils if you are wanting to create deeper "relief" work. Aluminum tape is not expensive, at least in the US. It can be found in the ducting aisle at hardware stores.

    Beautiful project, and well-done tutorial. Did you use standard craft acrylic paints?It is also a wonderful technique to use on smaller objects (i.e., a trinket box), without color, to look like forged metal. Thanks for sharing this project!

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