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June 20, 2016
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  • Fixing the dreaded lean bog on Keihin FCR carburetors

    Hi , I ended up changing the original #42 idle mix jet for a #45. Next tuned the idle nix adjuster for maximum RPM at idle ... the Burst acceleration problem dercresed a lot. Thanks you you help.

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  • Fixing the dreaded lean bog on Keihin FCR carburetors

    Hi,I have in a way an opposite goal. My experience is withTrials motorcycles…great low-end torque and a very smooth acceleration curve.I bought a 2015 CRF250x do ride on very tight single trailsand also jeep trails.I love being able to ride slow and with precision, and thisbike scares me. It rides great in idle but when I try to accelerate a bit moreit takes off so when I ride in single track I am riding on off on off. All the GoogleI have found is on how to make the bike more responsive, wile I want the opposite.I wish this bike would have more the response of a 230L…I don’t want the 230L,I just want the acceleration curve. Please advise.Thank youTomás

    Thank you for your time and response. The heavy flywheel is in my list. Is here anything that can be done to the carb setup to also improve the the low end torque and less abrupt acceleration coming form idle? ...there are few people looking for the same answer.Again thanks for sharing

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