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  • How to Use the Adafruit BMP280 Sensor - Arduino Tutorial

    From datasheet.. hope this help.."Interface selection is done automatically based on CSB (chip select) status. If CSB is connected to VDDIO, the I²C interface is active. If CSB is pulled down, the SPI interface is activated.The I²C 7-bit device address is 111011x. The 6 MSB bits are fixed. The last bit is changeable by SDO value and can be changed during operation. Connecting SDO to GND results in slave address 1110110 (0x76); connection it to VDDIO results in slave address 1110111 (0x77), which is the same as BMP180’s I²C address. The SDO pin cannot be left floating; if left floating, the I²C address will be undefined."

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