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  • perfo commented on TheSuperSewcio.'s instructable Drawing Plotter8 months ago
    Drawing Plotter

    Nice Build..Maybe a metal table and a magnet on the pen holder to make sure it retains a bit of force against the page ? I guess spring loaded could also work . Better still a return spring and an electro magnet you'd be able to pen up/down very quickly with a reliable repeatable force on the pen...

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  • Arduino dual ultrasonic liquid level meter with integrated website

    I haven't tired it yet but yes it is very much possible. It is just about getting the right power and type of transducer. For example if your tank is insulted (acoustically speaking) from the surroundings you can bash it with any object and it will ring with a certain frequency . The frequency will change depending on how full it is. So this should be equally possible with a controllable exciter but ultrasonic or not I'm not sure...

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  • Illuminate a garage that does not have electricity

    Do you only need this to get in and out of your car ?If so it seems to me that you maybe able to rig up a charger using the weight of the car. So that every time the car drives over a board. Using a few pulleys etc it lifts a weight that then slowly falls charging the batteries. Maybe a big air bag under a flap and the air bag pushes a piston up a pipe that then falls.. Anyway the idea is use the huge weight of the car every time you drive in and out...

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  • perfo commented on LukaK19's instructable LED Persistance of vision Globe1 year ago
    LED Persistance of vision Globe

    Great I hope you will post the results

    Nope, as long as the rotation speed remain somewhere near constant then it doesn't matter is there is a slight delay. In fact by altering the delay you can make the image move around the globe.. triggering earlier to make it rotate clockwise and later for anti clock (or visa versa) .. the important thing about the sync is that it is consistent which I believe the reed will be.. Of course optical pickups etc etc can all be used but a lot of folk use commutators and the reed isn't going to be worse that that and in my opinion is quite a bit better.. a pick up on the equator obviosuly gives you more resolution..

    Nice project. I like POV stuff. I had a thought. If you mounted all your electronics inside the rotating ring and put a magnet or two near the axis (on the stationary part) and a coil to pick up the field as it went past you could make a self contained self powered (minus the main motor) display.. Spin it up and it would start generating the power needed to drive the leds.. another way would be to use a pedal bike type dynamo as your top axis / bearing of the disk ..

    Reed switch does a good job for a sync pulse.

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  • DIY Hot Wire Cutter for Plexiglass, Cardboard and Foam

    Nice, thanks for the instructable.Out of interest an old Desktop PC power supply (ATX or other) can be had for near nothing or about £10 brand new in the UK these can provide a fair bit of current.If you get hold of a cheap ammeter (moving coil type will do) and put it in series with your supply. Whenever you find the right spot for the croc clip to cut whatever then mark it on the ammeter so you can get repeatability and fast set ups.. I need an instructable on how I can get my workshop to look as organised and clean as yours :-)

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