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thank you for the follow petercd.!!

AaminaS1 year ago

The program in the tutorial below is Adobe illustrator CS6

One Step Trick - The Tilde Button in illustrator CS and a…

iceng1 year ago

Thought you might like to see a closet EDB

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petercd (author)  iceng1 year ago

Thanks, I had a length of flat Al that I played with for a while. I also eyeballed some curtain track but eventually the playing came to an end. :)

I remember seeing so of these projects on some website a while ago with a bunch of other electronic stuff. Know what the sites called?

SWV17878 years ago
What nation do you hail from, and How much involvement do you have in rebuilding motercycles? I live in the US and have taken up my father's hobby and I am now in the process of restoring a 650cc Kawasaki, but when I have the money I would like very much to restore antique bikes.
petercd (author)  SWV17878 years ago
Im from South Africa (Cape Town) and this was pretty much my first rebuild, so not much involvement I guess. I got the itch from reading all the old popular mechanics my dad had lying around, and usually there was an Enfield being ridden with a bloke in a suit and hat in the advert pages, so I guess it must have fermented in the old subconcious till the "midlife thing" came along. This particular bike was a 1996 import from India where they are still being made, it had stood for 10 years and really needed a rebuild, so needless to say was well within my buget. :)
SWV1787 petercd8 years ago
What are the roads like there in South Africa? is the sceneries nice? I have been trying to plan a world motorcycle tour ever since I saw "Long Way Round" with ewen McGreggor and Charlie Boorman.
petercd (author)  SWV17878 years ago
the roads are pretty good, keeping in mind I havent been overseas at all, so I dont know how ours stack up to theirs. Its only the country roads (less travelled) that get a bit bumpy but they are still tarred. I havent seen the "Long Way Round" so I cant compare where they went with my town, but biased as I am ...I like it :)
SWV1787 petercd8 years ago
In the movie they traveled through Mongoulia and there was only 80 kilometers of tarmack in the entire country, the rest was mostly rocks and sand. Here in Michigan we have most roads paved but there are a fair number of pot-holes, but for as much as I might complain about our roads it is still alot better than sand.