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pfred... were have I heard that name?

Robot Lover4 years ago
I've been meaning to ask you, I want to make the VU meter in this ible' for a present to my brother. The catch is that I want to make it interface with an input/output like a guitar effect pedal. I know that if I connect the guitar directly to the input that it wouldn't work. If I added an amplifier to the input would it work? I'm asking you because I know you are kinda' into electronics and
guitars. Thanks for any advice you can give!
lm3916 is the key :D
lol thanks anyway!
nvm saw the post date!
pfred2 (author)  Robot Lover4 years ago
I never made a VU meter but I just looked on the web and I saw a lot of schematic examples. I think you can pick some of those and breadboard them up, see what works best for you. Test before you commit.
triumphman4 years ago
Delmarva is a really long penninsula, it spans Deleware, Maryland and Virginia.
pfred2 (author)  triumphman4 years ago
I live here so I've been all up and down the place. It doesn't strike me as very big. I live almost dead center in the middle of it too, so I guess I'm not too far from any end.
rdantin4 years ago
Hello, I was looking through your posts and I saw a bench you made on the one pallet chair page, the bench you made had a curved seat. I was thinking about making a bench like that but I dont want to mess the curve up do you have any plans for it or any advice ?
pfred2 (author)  rdantin4 years ago
First off is there is no such thing as messing up when it comes to hand crafts. When things don't come out perfect that is what we artisans call the "charm" of handmade. Least that's what I say when I goof something up.

I'm sure on some level of measurement nothing is perfect. But in order to achieve the illusion of accuracy I use a couple of instruments and techniques. Curves in work is an add on embellishment after we've achieved the level of competency to construct square projects. They are points of interest or used to lighten up designs etc. So you make your basic boring square project, then put your curves in. Simple enough.

To layout curves I use a splint string bow, or this gigantic compass I've made. The rest is fudging and sanding. If I need matching curves I might make a template, or just make one piece, then use it as a template and trace it onto other pieces. Or maybe I'll make the pieces clamped together.

Past that all I can say is cut outside the lines, then shape to finished form. Don't worry too much about everything being exactly alike. Once pieces are separated by some distance it is impossible to tell if they're really identical or not. If it looks right, it is right. Even when its not. Curves is one place where close is often good enough.
friger5 years ago
Ok, I just watched your youtube video. I think it is safe to say you faced a task very close to what I'm facing now. I can see through the clutter as you put it and can identify the model in your set up. By the way, I am green with envy over your milling machine.

I never thought about using a 3D model, all I used was graph paper and scaled cut out of the equipment. You get a much better sense of how the items fit into the space your way. So I think I've found that excitement to make a change.
Thanks again!
pfred2 (author)  friger5 years ago
3D modeling is so much more powerful than 2D I feel it is well worth the little bit of extra effort. Much like how I felt about your shop. Well worth a little bit of extra effort. You're almost there I can see it. The trick of course is to go carefully in the exact right direction. A well laid plan can lead the way!

I'll even tell you what the worst part of the process is now so when you're done with it you'll feel better. Getting all of the measurements you'll need is absolute drudgery. After that the rest of the job is pretty fun.

I recall printing out some edited pictures of items and roughly dimensioning those with a pencil saving me a lot of effort and made things clearer for me. I guess in a word clarity is what all of this is about?
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