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aenygma7 years ago
I think you guys are cool. Lets be (instructable) friends.
phant0m_sp00f3ra (author)  aenygma7 years ago
let's be (Instructables) friends! (sorry for the delay :D)
woah, what avatar is that?
it's a photo of me with the girl i like :P it was taken with photboot, i like your avatar :D

so is she your GF, or do you just hang out with her?
Not yet :P i'm working in that . She's cute dont ya think? LOL BTW the dog avatar was cool!
hey man do u know were to to get the thermorchromic paint
fanks, buddy, but uh... honestly in that picture it's a little hard to tell...
I was JK, i know its a little to small. Hey why don't you add me to MSN or gTalk? what do ya use? maybe we can talk about apple shiny products :D
ha ha, well, there is the instructables chatroom, but i have gmail...
Holly MollY! i didn't knew there was a chatroom! now i do have gmail :P
doofenschmirt@gmail.com :P
i think mine beats yours in pointlessness w00t