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  • phduh commented on audreyobscura's instructable Important Camera Settings3 months ago
    Important Camera Settings

    I like so many things about this photo, not just because I like anything with mountains and rivers in it. The rock wall in the foreground and the rock barrier in the background add a lot of interest. I also like that you did not try to line up your pup's nose in the crook of the wall. Also, even if this is just a happy accident, I like how the slope of your pup's snout matches the slope of the hill directly above it.

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  • phduh commented on audreyobscura's instructable Getting to Know your Camera3 months ago
    Getting to Know your Camera

    I went on a photo "swivel." I spun my chair around to look out the window. After a few unsuccessful attempts capturing this image, I opened the window, took the screen out, and attached my monopod. I was a point-and-shoot person my whole life until I broke open the piggy bank last year and purchased a Canon 70D with two lenses. I shot this at 135mm with the 18-135mm lens. The kit also came with a 70-300mm lens. I love this class because you focus on the joy of photography. I lug my camera backpack everywhere I go because it helps me look at everything, especially the mundane, from multiple perspectives.

    Great photo. I feel like I am in the tree. I like how I get a sense of the depth of the scene.

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