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weedhopper9 years ago
I'm currently building my gas powered blender using old homelite engine and a new oster blender. Any suggestions on the shaft. The homelite has about 3/16 square receiver, and the oster has 1/4 receiver. Have not looked around yet, just though you might have suggestion. thanks weedhopper
phinch (author)  weedhopper9 years ago
weedhopper- I got someone to weld up a shaft for me. I got the 3/16" square shaft at the hardware store (Orchard Supply Hardware) The flat head screw that fit into the blender drive gear was an easy find. If you can't get someone to weld it for you, but you have access to a bench grinder, you could try grinding down some 1/4" threaded rod or a properly sized bolt. Or you could pound either option square with a hammer and anvil. another idea would be to find some 1/4" thread repair screws (google helicoil) and epoxy it to the 3/16" shaft. you have to post up pictures of your blender when you finish. phinch