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July 8, 2010
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  • Uninterruptible Power Supply - Extending the Run Time

    He is feeding his with two batteries because that's what it calls for.Not all UPS units use the same input voltage. With higher input voltage the inverter (the part that converts from battery to AC) has less work to do. Less expensive units use 12V input have very short stated run times and get very hot if you try to run them longer.Usually units that have higher operating wattages (700 or more watts or 1500 or more VA) will use 24V input instead of 12V to reduce the heat issues cause by converting from 12V.I have an enterprise grade 2700 watt unit here that uses two banks of 60 volts each. That's 5x12V batteries per bank. I don't recall if the two banks are combined internally to be 120VDC input or if the inverter uses 60VDC.I have another, 1500 watt unit here that operates on 48VDC.

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