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Metal4God9 years ago
On your interest it says God does that mean your a christian cause i am
phreek (author)  Metal4God9 years ago
Well, I am considered a Christian, but that is a very broad term today. I like to use the phrase "Christ Follower" or somthing to that effect because it is more specific and people generally ask what I mean and I tell them exactly what I believe. I Believe the Bible is the authority, I believe in justification by faith and I believe salvation is a free gift, given by Christ dying on the cross. I am kinda anti-denomonation, but if I had to give one, I would probably say I am closest to Baptist. How about yourself?
well I believe that Jesus died for me and my sins and i believe he will come again
I believe the bible is Gods word I don't believe that once a christian always a christian, I don't believe that the only christian music is gospel I don't believe in the big bang and another thing I don't believe is guns kill people because guns are tools people kill people the use guns to do it
phreek (author)  Metal4God9 years ago
As far as music goes, I like pretty much everything, I don't think music has to be gospel to be "Christian" but I also think "Christian" music is a kinda pointless classification. At what point does a band go from being a Christian band to Christians playing in a band. I am more of the opinion that if someone is making music, and they know who gave them the talent to make the music, and they give God credit for it, than that is "Christian" music. I don't limit my listening to Christian music either, I feel like Christian artists tend to get lazy because they know that they will get business from the kids who can't listen to secular stuff, quite often I feel like Christian bands are sellouts who slap spiritual stuff in their lyrics to sell more albums, but that's just personal opinion, and it isn't all-encompassing. I also don't believe in the big bang, I believe the Bible. The guns issue is a little off topic, but I would agree that guns are tools and if they were banned, then only the criminals would have them and the law abiding citizens would be defenseless. I would have to say I believe that if you truly are saved, then you are incapable of becoming "unsaved". This is not to say that I believe that every person who thinks they are saved or who said some words in a prayer when they were five is going to heaven, I just think that if someone truly believed and understood everything that they need to be saved, they are incapable of not believing, or sinning so greatly that they lose their salvation.
Do you think it's possible that the "big bang" actually happened, and that was the way that God created the universe? I feel like that's a possibility.
wes_7119 years ago
hey man on your altoids amp ...... where did you get your input jack for the guitar??
I got a couple at Radio Shack.