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  • Figuring out a Key Matrix (Scan Matrix)

    Hi Man!I'm just proving a broken piano toy keyboard, and I can't understand how to connect it to an Arduino board. I've proved the connections as in the image 2 but it don't works.Must I use output pins in the four lines P30-P40?Do I need this 8 analog inputs to connect it?Can you help me, please? I'm too confused with it.....Thank you very much!

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  • polikarpa commented on EvanKale's instructable Add MIDI port to Keyboard1 year ago
    Add MIDI port to Keyboard

    Good Project!I tried to make it in a toy piano but it has some resistors to difference the keys. I don't understand how it works. Do you have some idea?I add an image with the circuitTank You very much!

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