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  • Salvaging Rechargeables for Projects

    No, do not short your good battery to your bad one, and in doing so create a fire hazard or possibly ruin one cell more...I mean, you can try to revive dead cells, they wont be good for heavy duty applications any more but might still get some use. Just use a current limited charger/power supply instead. Such as a lab power supply, you can get one cheap and very useful for other things also.

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  • polofsson commented on rbates4's instructable Automated Plant Watering System1 year ago
    Automated Plant Watering System

    Haha, true ;)

    For heavens sake, put the electronics above the water/plants!Very nice project but there is actually not a worse placement for them.

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  • polofsson commented on Plasmana's instructable The Plasma Speaker1 year ago
    The Plasma Speaker

    Heat = wasted energy. I would guess that a mosfet driver and a shottky diode to the power rail instead of ground would be an improvement. Also the frequency should be matched against the inductance of the transformer and the duty cycle range of the pwm to the desired maximum/minimum current.For those of you choosing a mosfet, the wattage of the fet is NOT the maximum power it can give to the load but the peak heat dissipation(wasted energy in the fet).Example from the comments, irf3205 110A x 55V = 6050W max switched load.In this design, poor switching of the mosfet may be the limiting factor for the current since there is no driver for the mosfet. But without matching the duty cycle to the current draw, it might burn up the psu, leads or the transformer! xD

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