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CDHenson5 months ago

We just launched a new website, I would love for ya to check it out

Scarydad10 months ago
Thanks for following me!
poofrabbit (author)  Scarydad10 months ago
Not a problem your stuff is great!
M3G11 months ago
Thanks for following!
rschack11 months ago
Thanks for following :)
tctaylor103112 months ago
Hi, the Download link may be broken. I've tried several readers and nothing seems to work. Great post, looking forward to using it. Thanks!
poofrabbit (author)  tctaylor103112 months ago
Well that is very strange! I'll see if instructables is aware of the issue. :)
thanks for following, your sculptures are great!
Thank you for following
solopress1 year ago
Wow poofrabbit! The paper mache Darth Vader is very cool. Thanks for following us and we'll be having a flick through your instructables!
poofrabbit (author)  solopress1 year ago
Thank you, my students are almost done with their projects and I will be adding their creations to the instructable! :)
Very neat idea! Look forward to reading!
Hi poofrabbit,
You we're the First one to comment my (also first) Instructable. And you asked to see it finished.
May I offer this very tinny present for you this Christmas:
My Christmas nativity village scene is now ready, just in time for this Holiday Seasons. Marry Christmas !
poofrabbit (author)  Paulo Alexandre1 year ago
It really turned out lovely, well done!!
techiebot1 year ago
Thank you for becoming one of my "followers." Although that term sounds like part of an underground cult. I hope that you have found my instructables useful.