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JMrocks6 years ago
cool =D are u any good or do you just play around on it?
oh, by the way, did u see the coster i made out of knex called Serpent Suicide?
JMrocks6 years ago

Hey, popa 27272. When did you join the age of empires group?
i have a polacy (i dont think thats spelled right) to subscribe to anyone who joins my groups. Do you really know about age of empires? i thought no one would. do you own one or just know about it?

popa27272 (author)  JMrocks6 years ago
yes i really know agout age of empires, my friend had the age of empires 2 expansion then i went out and bought it then when the third one came out i got it for xmas, unfortuanately my computer died and disc 1 of age of empires 3 was too scratched up to reload it so i started playing the the older versions again recently when i stumbled apon your group here and thought, oh why not. thats all there is to it i guess