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yodamaster6 years ago
i have to make this at may grandma and grandpas house
benitbaby18 years ago
are homewoods and absolutes good decks???
power (author)  benitbaby18 years ago
Do you know any sites where you can buy fingerboard tools. also, where can you buy wheels and trucks, or do you know how to make them
The best thing to do is just buy a 4 dollar tech deck and you get everything, or you can buy eyeglass repair keychains for tools, they work extremely good
power (author)  AlmostSkater8 years ago
??? great idea on buying a tech deck but Malaysia don't have any and it's also very expensive
oh, malaysia, thats a different story, blackriver-ramps.org has almost everything for fingerboards but its a little pricy
power (author)  AlmostSkater8 years ago
yeah. blackriverramps can cost me more than hundreds berlinwood decks 120 bucks ramps n stuffs 100 to 10000 lol
drtnation8 years ago
where do you get veneer
frederf8 years ago
hye man can u make and send me a fingerboard for free plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
power (author)  frederf8 years ago
send me some veneers then I'll send you fingerboards