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  • pr3sidentspence commented on jeffchuber's instructable Turn *any* Video Into a 3D Model8 months ago
    Turn *any* Video Into a 3D Model

    Or google could just share their lidar data.

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  • 600 Watt, 3d-printed, Halbach Array, Brushless DC Electric Motor

    Oh, and amazing project!

    What would be required to build a motor capable of 10-15kW? Would this still be something one could do using a 3D printer if, say, one was willing to do lost-PLA/Wax casting in aluminum?Barring creating more powerful individual motors, could they be used in combination? What would be the practical limit on this, and when do the costs outweigh the benefits?Specifically, I want to convert an old outboard boat motor to electric, but my budget would be very small. If one could print or cast as much as possible, what would the bill of materials be to make a motor with this power?My main goal isn't so much to do what I can with 3D printing, it's to minimize cost by putting in labor and leveraging the access I have to 3D printing.

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