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  • prampec commented on Jean0x7BE's instructable OLED i2c display with arduino1 year ago
    OLED i2c display with arduino

    The lack of the reset pin seams to be normal.But this instruction is wrong. You shouldn't let the example code using pin4 as a non-connected reset pin. Instead you should modify the example not using any parameters while constructing the display. (This will lead to a default value -1 to be set as reset pin, and it is handled by the Adafruite driver.)Also worth to mention that there are SPI-ready versions of this display board, that are also supported by the Adafruite driver. (Buy Adafruite products to support them developing drivers!)

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  • DIY Arduino Battery Capacity Tester - V1.0

    Please note here, that the displayed capacity is valid for just the millisPassed time. Your tool is capable indeed, to distinguish between good and dead batteries, but will not measure the capacity of that battery.What I would recommend, is to make another software, that can measure Watt-hours instead for a whole discharge cycle. As described here:

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