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  • I gave up from it and I ordered another one on ebay but now with "RKC" label.

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  • Actually my old "RKC REX-C100" can hold the temperature very steady on my forced air incubator. I am using it with PT100 thermocouple with tree wires, and after changing it in settings to PR100 I've got decimals. I also think the hysteresis is set to 0 and the fluctuation is 0.2°C, and very seldom goes to 0.3°C.I think I will order another one but with RKC label, because this "Berne" I can't unlock to modify settings.

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  • I've ordered from ebay my second c100 but this one is "Berne REX-C100" and the menu differs from my old "RKC REX-C100".Problem is that I need it to show me decimals of °C because I am using it in my egg incubator. I have PT100 (thermocouple) and I want to use it instead of the K type thermocouple that came with C100.When I power it on in shows me:C04and thenK999 Then when I enter in settings menu I have this (all with only 3 digits values):AL1 (050)SoH (999) this one is lockedATU (000) this one is lockedP (030I (240)d (060)Ar (025)T (020)SC (000)LCK (000)When I change LCK to (100) I get:SL1 (000)SL2 (000)SL3 (000)SL4 (001)and here in SL(x) everthing is locked except SL4. I think that if I could unlock SL1 that I can change the thermocouple type, but how?

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