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Niii Pawww15 days ago

How much does sugru usually cost?

kiz3301 month ago

Hi, how long does the Sugru last after application? For instance, if I hung hooks on my wall how long can I expect them to stay up? And how do I remove it when I want to? Thank you!

Yonatan2411 months ago

Hi Mr. and Mrs.Sugru ;)

I've never used Sugru before, but I see it's really popular to use in projects on Instructables,

I was just daydreaming a couple days a go about a couple new Sugru ideas:

1. Glow-In-The-Dark Sugru

2. Magnetic Sugru (Can get magnetized like "Vat19 Magnetic thinking putty+adheises, or has microscopic magnetic pieces inside of it which makes the sugru magnetic, instead of gluing magnets to stuff with sugru, you can use the sugru itself...)

3. Clear Sugru (this might be impossible because one of the chemicals inside has a color...)

Totally random ideas, I don't know!

projectsugru (author)  Yonatan2411 months ago
Hey Yonatan24 never a need to apologise for random ideas with us! We love ideas in all forms :)

- Glow in the dark - we hear you, we've actually seen Sugru-ers creating their own DIY versions (https://sugru.com/gallery/make-glow-in-the-dark-sugru)

- Magnetic Sugru - we'll just leave this here (warning: this can get addictive!) https://sugru.com/go/magnets

- Clear Sugru - that'd be a cool addition to our range, but, as the majority of materials that make Sugru special are non-transparent, the end result is non-transparent also. If you need clear material, craft resin is your best bet.

thanks again for your feedback :)
Tater Zoid1 year ago

Thank you for subscribing.

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Smalltoejoe2 years ago

I have a few questions. First, are any of you climbers? If you are, have you tried putting Sugru on old shoes to turn them into climbing shoes?

lindarose923 years ago
Thank you for following me! :)
Dear Project Sugru, can you help? I can't make the sugu stick to cotton sailcloth fabric. Is it supposed to? And if so, how? Or is fabric just too porous?
projectsugru (author)  grainnemhaol3 years ago
Hi grainnemhaol,

sugru does bond to fabric, I don't have any experience with sailcloth but if you look at this Instructable you should get a few good tips to help you out.

The key tip is to smudge small amounts of sugru into the fabric to help it key to the surface.
Let me know how this works out, am more than happy to help.
What are you making ?
I looked at the trouser patch piece, but I think the problem is different because I need to make little pinched bits of Sugru for the corners of my Kindle, and get it to stick to the fabric and be flexible enough to let me squeeze the Kindle in and out. I was working from the instructable about the Kindle cover. I live in Northern Ireland and had never heard of Sugru before but bought some after seeing the instructable Kindle cover piece.
projectsugru (author)  grainnemhaol3 years ago
Hi, interesting.

To make little pinched bits of sugru for the corners, first, apply a very small piece of sugru to the fabric. Smudge it into the weave of the fabric. Once you have sugru successfully bonded to the fabric, you can build up your sugru kindle hook.
It's really a 2 step process. Step 1: get sugru to bond to the fabric. Step 2: build your "pinched bits" to grip or hold your kindle in place.
Am I making any sense ?
Thanks. Will try this and report back.
Thanks James. I am making a cover for my Kindle out of an old poetry hardback. I will try the link you sent.
fireballxl53 years ago
Here's how I plan to put some to use. I want to build up the "sweet spot" by flattening that area just behind the shifter/brake hood on my handlebars. I'm planning to unwrap the handlebar tape, apply the Sugru in the area, let it cure/harden, and then re-wrap the tape over the Sugru. This should give a good custom fit to that part of the handlebars.
projectsugru (author)  fireballxl53 years ago
Interesting, I hadn't thought about putting sugru beneath handlebar tape. Very excited about that idea. I'm going to pop some 20g mini pack into the envelope for you also as these might be more useful for this particular application. I'm very excited to see how this idea works out. Please take loads of photo's.