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  • provadance commented on Mrballeng's instructable The Only Knot You Need to Know. 6 months ago
    The Only Knot You Need to Know.

    Spill here means to change shape. If you take the marlin spike hitch, and while it's on the spike, push on one of the loops, it will slide around the knot to the other loop and form the new variant. (You are not sliding along the spike, but sliding one loop around another on the knot.) You can think of it as the same knot, but different configuration, although it will act differently.

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  • provadance commented on Black Beard Projects's instructable Blacksmithing Forge11 months ago
    Blacksmithing Forge

    Impressive, especially how round you cut that hole with the angle grinder. But what happens when someone in the house goes looking for that vacuum cleaner?

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