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who made your avatar? Can you tell me who, how, where...etc.
psymansays (author)  M4industries5 years ago
 I actually made it, myself, following the general principles of rotoscoping (but by hand), over a photo of myself.
And just CS4 to turn it into a digital pic. Right? My friend did something similar to this.
psymansays (author)  M4industries5 years ago
 CS4? Well, no, It was a digital photo, and I edited it in Adobe Photoshop Elements, which came with the drawing tablet that I had at the time.
Oh. Thanks for clearing it up. I thought the words "by hand" meant pen and paper. Elements is just as cool as the full edition.
Atomman5 years ago
Nice Comic Reader!
psymansays (author)  Atomman5 years ago
Thank you, very much.
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psymansays (author)  mrunali5 years ago
Hi there. I'm basically a Software Engineer, but I also work on projects that involve mechanical and electronic engineering, both on my job, and as a hobby. May I ask, why do you ask? And what do you do?
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psymansays (author)  mrunali5 years ago
That sounds interesting. Where do you go to school?
oddblob6 years ago
right back atcha