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  • ptaholcomb123 commented on WOmadeOD's instructable Tuning a Hand Plane10 months ago
    Tuning a Hand Plane

    Sorry not "set the blade down", set the plane down... that makes more sense :-)

    Try "sighting the foot". Turn the plane over (foot up) and Look down the foot plate at something in the distance. Make sure the light is right so you can see if the blade is protruding. If it is, and is doing so more than 1-3 sheets of paper your depth is to great. Either dial it back or lift the frog and adjust the blade. I learned to set the blade to zero, ie: set the blade down on, i use the marble top of my table saw, then set blade to match, tighten frog, then "sight the foot". oh and like the other guy said, check the blade maybe flipped backwards...I've done that before after 45 mins sharpening to 2000 grit. Hope this helps

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