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Metal4God9 years ago
you look like the acter that plays Jake Ryan on Hannah Montana!
he dus dont he
just a lil to much....
quincy85wrestler (author) 9 years ago
HOLY CRAP! this is the first time in 1 year i've logged on to my old account! whoa. different.
Easy Button9 years ago
you stoped building knex noooooooo you were a good knex builder but i guese i will have to say good bye
quincy85wrestler (author)  Easy Button9 years ago
i'll probably start back up during the school year.
BLACKROD9 years ago
Here I think some of you might find this fun to look at. BLACKROD's Current Workshop
BLACKROD9 years ago
quincy85wrestler, I love the machien gun, It's so cool. Quadrapod... It makes like a turret for a k'nex or rubberband war. Great Job, I'm building that turret. Exceleent job! I'll post pictures of mine when it's done. EXCELLENT
quincy85wrestler (author)  BLACKROD9 years ago
that's what i meant it top bee was a turret, and thanx alot, vote for me on bobby's contest thing. 8D
justavip9 years ago
hey qinsey when are you gonna post your cross bow
quincy85wrestler (author)  justavip9 years ago
i'm not gonna. it's just a killerk style barrel inside a crossbow shell.
oh at least post sum bigger pictures i wna buiuld it!
quincy85wrestler (author)  smidge1479 years ago
if you send me your email address i will email you the files but i only have, but you can try.
can u give me some pictures of your crossbow my email is jeffreydaman@hotmail.com