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Aug. 10, 2016
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  • Lithium upgrade to 18v Black and Decker Single Source battery pack

    I just made one of these. Used good, high quality battery holders and ensured the wire gauge was more than adequate. I bought batteries similar to what you described (over voltage/current protection) With no load, voltage is right at 24VDC. When I tested on the trimmer, as soon as the load increased (like when trimming heavy grass), the power dropped considerably, to where it was inadequate for trimming. I could pull the battery out and see the voltage coming back up (from around 22VDC by the time I got it out). The batteries were warm, but not hot. Anybody had any issues using this with your trimmer? I did try replacing 4 of the cells with standard (no protection) 18650 batteries, but same result. Unfortunately, I don't have 6 to try. Could this be an issue with current protection kicking in on the batteries?Thanks!!!

    Thanks for the info. I have the UltraFire BRC 18650 4500mAh, looks like the same you linked to. From what I can find on the net, they are definitely a lower current battery. I am having trouble finding "C" ratings for specific batteries, but can back it our based on the formula (C = mAh*MaxCurrent). I am seeing some higher end LG and Sony 18650 batteries with ~30A max draw. Would these be adequate? What do you use for your trimmer, and how does it compare with original nicd? Thanks!!!

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