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  • r3son8tr commented on r3son8tr's instructable Guitar Amp "power soak"2 days ago
    Guitar Amp "power soak"

    Sorry for the delay. This is easy to do, just use a 100W L-Pad. The circuit stays the same. http://www.parts-express.com/speaker-l-pad-attenuator-100w-mono-1-shaft-8-ohm--260-265

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  • r3son8tr commented on r3son8tr's instructable Guitar Amp "power soak"2 months ago
    Guitar Amp "power soak"

    Hmm, something isn't right. Most of the attenuation happens when the Lpad is near the minimum point, It's normal to notice very little attenuation at the beginning of travel. Remember that we're really attenuating the loudness, or volume, of the amp which we measure in dBs - they're logarithmic. UNtil you get to about half power, your ears won't notice much.If you're getting all of your attenuation right away, there might be a miswire. No mod is needed, the circuit works as described.

    The wiring diagram is the same, but instead of the inline 1/4" jack (that connects to the speaker) and the 1/4" plug (that connects to the amp output) you will use two 1/4" panel; mount. Everything gets installed in a box - make sure there are some vent holes to let the heat out! You will then need two cables, one from tehj amp to the attenuator and one from the attenuator to the speaker cabinet.

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