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samerfifa3 months ago

very nice

FormatiaV6 months ago

hello, i saw your tutorial on http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Motor-Shield-Tutorial/step4/One-Motor/ i was wondering if you could help me with some info. I want to add a pushbutton to that setup, and control the direction of the motor, push once it moves forward, push once again it moves backwards. how can i do that please?

robotfreak1019 months ago
I love your robots

From "20 Unbelievable Arduino Projects":

"It is no wonder that Arduino literally translates to "Strong friend (masculine)" in Italian. "

...That's completely false. "Arduino" comes from the GERMANIC name "Hardwin" that means "strong friend". It has no meaning at all in italian, it comes from the name of a bar, which in turn was named after the king Arduino d'Ivrea (955-1014). "Strong friend" translates to "Grande amico". Well, since I'm italian I wanted to point that out.

ghetas1 year ago

you are best....

I have totally enjoyed your work!

PowellMade1 year ago

Thank you for following Powellmade. Hope to be uploading more very soon.

I love your cane gif. So funny

Kind regards


I just wanted to say "Thanks!" (sarcastically) for the Automated Garden!
Wife has been wanting something like this for a while and your instructable just voided my last excuse ("don't know how to set up an automated sprinkler/light system honey!")... psh, the nerve :P
Seriously though, Killer instructables Randy - thanks for sharing!

PowellMade1 year ago

Your good morning underwear post is a wonderful and amazing!! I love it! I guess you work for this wonderful company. I suggest you make more things like this.

Mr AbAk1 year ago

Good Instructables

Mr AbAk1 year ago

Good Instructables

hmalik32 years ago

I really love your all instructables specially the romance pants was really special and helpful for me .

jbrandine2 years ago


Wow this was a surprise. I've been doing a ton of instructables lately and guess what i stumbled upon yours (which are the best) and i'm like holy G this is my college roommate. I have some funky projects to work on.


im trying to modify a "useless machine" - the one that sticks an arm up and switches itself off.

the aim is to make my cars GPS unit pop up (stand up @ 90 degrees) and "lay back down?" when i switch the ignition on and off.

using modified servo's or gear boxes i can sort the mechanics out however, my major complication is the electronics- switching the power off once the unit is upright, reversing the power and switching the power off once the unit is back down again.

you may ask why all the effort , main reason is because it would be cool, then there's the security (people breaking into your car to steal it which happens often)

this may seem like a stupid idea but im a diy enthusiast.



I think this allows you to interface your cars "electronics".

If it does connect it to the arduinos RX and TX pins.... And then connect the arduino to the motor and just program it with some "if" commands, and actually that's a cool project, Its not stupid.