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Aug. 24, 2016
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  • randomand commented on ardnon's instructable Portable Snowboard Tuning Stand/Vise1 month ago
    Portable Snowboard Tuning Stand/Vise

    Awesome design... thanks. I handed mine, and in fact during my first tuning session realised that swapping them around and moving the wing nuts inboard reduces the chance of hitting the boards! I painted the blocks due to the wood being from house piles and the toxic materials used to prevent rot.... (and prevent my exposure). All constructed using a 184mm circular saw. Key learnings: check your depths before cutting as my saw can only do 62mm deep! I should also have clamped the two blocks together and done single cuts across the two blocks, which would have saved time too. The pads were made from cupboard anti-slip padding and I made them replaceable by stretching them around some tacks. Anyhow it worked well, gave me some new wood working skills, was very satisfying and was also less than the NZ$200 for a pair of clamps! Thanks again!

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