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Jan. 4, 2016
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    CNC Plasma Table

    I have a new batch of brackets on the way. After building my table, i found a few things that needed improvement. First off it seems to have some flex in the torch plate. I have found that the original brackets material was a little thin, so i changed the material thickness from 1/8 to 3/16. Also found that the roller bearings were not very good. So i changed them from the 6 mm up to 8 mm bolts. The new bearings are 8 x 30 x 14 mm. This will make things much more solid. I also changed the height of the side plates from +6 inches down to +4 inches. 6 inches was just too high for the 4th axis tube positioner. And lastly i made the pulley supports 40 mm wider to eleminate the flexing in the pulley connection shaft. As an extra option the new bracket sets will have 2 x axis motor plates. We found that with a bigger table, it needed more motor. So we added a second x axis motor.The new brackets are currently being cut in the uk. I am selling them for $425.00 a set shipped to any usa address. International shipping will cost more of course. If anyone wants a set, i am taking payments via pay-pal. Your payment will help offset my costs and will reserve your parts for first shipment. I am only ordering 11 sets due to the cost out of pocket. Please contact me if you want to buy some.ThanksRandy Gabriel.

    Si. I will forward you the new files as soon as ssc sends them to me. I think you will like my chnges.

    New set of brackets are on the way. Did you still need them?

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