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Jan. 11, 2016
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  • 2-Player Bartop Arcade Machine (Powered by Pi)

    Would be nice to include the inch/foot dimensions for those of us who aren't on metric.

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  • A Super Easy Arcade Machine from 1 Sheet of Plywood

    It doesn't appear they covered up the underside...I plan to.

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  • rap-sheet commented on slimguy379's instructable how to make a vintage arcade marquee8 months ago
    how to make a vintage arcade marquee

    Errr...why not get a printable sheet that is the length you need instead of joining individual pieces? Kind of a crude way to do it.

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  • A Super Easy Arcade Machine from 1 Sheet of Plywood

    I'm still in the process of making mine...the upscale to 2x for adults is too tall. The average height of an arcade game is about six feet. I'm unclear where the pieces marked "arm" go, the notch in the backside is most likely going to be used as the actual arms of the control panel, but because the thing is too tall, the control panel will have to go at the top of the notch instead of above it. Also unclear on how the control panel is covered up from the underside cause I've seen several of these with exposed wiring which is not ideal. And there's the whole backside of the unit which seems uncovered - yeah it's against the wall, but you still want something covering the backside to protect the electronics inside. My machine likely won't be as wide as the 2x control panel numbers seem to be in the blueprint - I just need the joystick, buttons and the trackball mounted, and the average size of arcade control panels is a little more than two feet. Just seems like there's some unanswered questions in the steps, and need some pics of completed products.

    Or a 60-in-1 board or an ArcadeSD board.

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