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Valparaiso, Florida
Dec. 26, 2014
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  • rdcowan commented on Hazard™'s instructable Cracking Single Dial Combination Locks2 months ago
    Cracking Single Dial Combination Locks

    This worked great for me. I've had a lock for probably 15 years that was locked onto a solid brass ring and I've wanted to get it off. I've tried other methods before but to no avail. It was raining today and I ran across this on Pinterest so decided to give it a try. I 'found' the LEFT and RIGHT ends of each notch and averaged them with the following spreadsheet. Then I identified the 3 sets of 4 locations and looked at each column to identify the 'outliers'. Both 14 and 18 didn't quite fit but 18 was the furthest away from other members of its column so I decided that it was the 3rd number in the combination. Then I used the spreadsheet from masterunlocked.com mentioned in this instructable and carefully went through each combination until voila!!

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