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red_green (author) 4 years ago
i kind of wish somone would post a comment here
I have a laptop that wont show anything on the screen anymore, I asked my local computer shop if they could fix it but they told me the price for whatever the part was to repair and it was more than I could see putting into it. Question is, if the laptops monitor isnt working will the laptop work with another monitor if I do what you explained or is it having to do with something that tells the monitor to do things?
:) can ya tell I am NOT savvy?
red_green (author)  Novali4 years ago
The laptop should automatically connect, but if not, you might have to set it to. If you are using a mac, press the function key with 2 roundish rectangles. If you are using something else, hold sown the fm key and press the function key with the rectangles (sometimes filled in or seperated by a bar). It may display a message that it will revert in 15 or so seconds. Press the keep changes button.
ok I will give that a try tomorrow hopefully.
its a toshiba satellite about five or so years old but I sure loved it!
do you think I could just remove the laptops monitor and use the keyboard n brains on my desk attached to another working monitor?
red_green (author)  Novali4 years ago
You could try it, but don't let the wires short circuit.