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  • redrok commented on fghuertas's instructable Drawknife, How to Make4 months ago
    Drawknife, How to Make

    Hi fghuertas;Very Nice Draw knife.I see you made the back side flat.I would suggest there should be a slight bow or curve in the backside for a couple of reasons.1. There will be less friction with the wood when drawing. Makes cutting easier. Essentially there is less metal surface sliding on the wood.2. The slight bow gives a bit more control to the cutting depth, especially with wood that tends to grab the edge.redrok

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  • redrok commented on GreatScottLab's instructable Make Your Own Simple Theremin5 months ago
    Make Your Own Simple Theremin

    Hi Great Scott;The problem with this and many other simple Theremins is they describe only half of the Real Theremin.A Real Theremin has basically 2 control antenna systems.1. One is for the pitch.2. The second is for the volume.Yours only has the pitch antenna.redrok

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  • redrok commented on GregO29's instructable Solar George Foreman Cooker1 year ago
    Solar George Foreman Cooker

    Hi Aaaecm;Technically, there is NO method of secondary imaging mirror or lens that can increase concentration more than the first mirror or lens. (Non-imaging mirrors or lenses can increase concentration but these are relatively difficult to make. See Roland Winston's CPC or Concentrating Parabolic Concentrators.)These parabolic dishes already do a good job of high concentration by themselves.You may think things like telescopes, with a secondary mirror concentrate light. But that is NOT TRUE. Telescopes, by definition, spread out the light. All light concentration is done only in the primary mirror or lens.redrok

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